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Polaris Slingshot Accessories & Apparel 265MM Rear Fender Decal

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Add custom style and extra color to a Slingshot® with this 265MM Narrow Rear Fender Decal Kit. Choose a color that matches the vehicle's body color – or contrasts with it – and add this durable, easy to apply decal material. These precision-cut, adhesive-backed color accents are vinyl components that feature UV- and fade-resistant ink, and a durable, long-riding finish that withstands extended exposure to the elements. The rear wheel and fender attract attention, and these colorful decals will add to that appeal.
  • Add custom style and extra color to a Slingshot
  • Choose a color that matches or contrasts with your body's color
  • Durable, easy to apply decal material
  • Precision-cut, adhesive backed color accents are vinyl-components that feature UV and fade-resistant ink
  • Durable finish that withstands exposure to the elements
  • Required, Sold Separately : 265MM Rear Fender
  • Does Not Work With : 305MM Rear Fender

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265MM Rear Fender Decal - Gloss Black
product # 2883282-266
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Turbo Silver
product # 2883282-402
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Orange Madness
product # 2883282-589
265MM Rear Fender Decal - White Lightning
product # 2883282-599
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Blue Fire Metallic
product # 2883282-620
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Lime Squeeze
product # 2883282-630
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Black Pearl
product # 2883282-666
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Red Pearl
product # 2883282-676
265MM Rear Fender Decal - Electric Blue
product # 2883282-696